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Primebook 4G: A Comprehensive Review of Features, Performance, and Design

Students must have laptops, especially if they want to take programs online. are you  Finding a cheap laptop with all the capabilities you need, though, might be difficult. An Indian firm called Primebook claims to have discovered the secret to selling a laptop for less than Rs 20,000. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been testing the Primebook 4G, and in this post, I’ll discuss my impressions on one of India’s most reasonably priced laptops with SIM connectivity.


For students who want a small laptop with a built-in 4G modem, the Primebook 4G is a low-cost laptop. The laptop has an 11.6-inch IPS LCD display with a 720p HD resolution and is powered by a MediaTek MT8788 CPU. It has an integrated app store and runs on PrimeOS, an Android-based operating system. The laptop weighs only 1.3 kg and features a matte plastic shell. I’ll discuss my opinions about the Primebook 4G and if it’s a worthwhile purchase in this article.

Design and Build

The build and design quality of the Primebook 4G

The Primebook 4G is intended to be portable and small. It’s an 11-inch laptop that is incredibly portable. The device’s matte-plastic casing can draw smudges, but these can be removed with a fresh cloth. Even in terms of I/O, I like that it had a SIM card port, USB-A, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a microSD card slot. Although it has a tiny HDMI connector, a full-sized HDMI slot would have been ideal.

Similarly, a product like the Rs 14,990 ASUS Chromebook Flip has unquestionably better construction. Yet when taken as a whole, the Primebook 4G shines out.

Primebook 4G’s display

Primebook 4G: A Comprehensive Review of Features, Performance, and Design

The Most Similar laptops in this price range, the laptop has an 11.6-inch 720p HD resolution IPS display. Although I didn’t have high expectations, the display is more than bright enough for indoor use, and I even enjoyed the slightly more vibrant color tuning. The speakers aren’t very noteworthy, but I was happy to see 3.5mm wired headphones included in the retail packaging.

Overall, the 720p display is suitable for viewing lessons on websites like YouTube as well as for taking online classes. Users may easily exchange data with friends and family thanks to the dedicated USB-A connector.

SIM connectivity

Primebook 4G: A Comprehensive Review of Features, Performance, and Design

The integrated SIM card slot is the main benefit of the Primebook 4G over other budget-friendly laptops. The Primebook 4G accepts micro SIM cards, making it simple to use a Jio, Airtel, or Vi SIM card. Another such offering is Jiobook. But, the Jiobook is network-locked, not so with the Primebook 4G.

Thanks to the MediaTek MT8788 chip, this is also one of the first laptops I have used where one can make and even receive calls. Again, because of the mediocre speaker arrangement, the call quality was acceptable.


Primebook 4G: A Comprehensive Review of Features, Performance, and Design

The Primebook 4G comes strong with an Intel Celeron N3350 processor, 4GB of memory, and 64GB of storage. This configuration is sufficient for basic tasks like web browsing, email, and word processing, but do not expect to be able to run demanding programs like video editing software on it. The laptop also includes an inbuilt 4G LTE modem for anyone who needs to work while traveling.

Battery Life

One of the advantages of the Primebook 4G is its long-lasting battery, which is said to last up to 10 hours. For a laptop in this price category, the expected battery life in practical use is about 8 hours, which is not exactly excellent.

Do you need one?

The Primebook 4G is unquestionably intended for school-aged children, not college students. I was won over by the 4G connectivity, however, I thought the device lacked some polish in other areas. The Primebook 4G is a great alternative for anybody looking for a small laptop with a built-in 4G modem. But, there are undoubtedly better choices available on the market for around Rs 20,000 for individuals who already have broadband, particularly from companies like Asus, Lenovo, and HP.

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