Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs): IITs are renowned engineering institutes in India, and graduates from various IITs are recruited by Google.

Birla Institute of Technology and scientific (BITS): BITS is a well-known private institution that provides engineering and scientific programmes. It has a solid reputation for generating brilliant graduates who are in high demand by major organisations such as Google.

National Institutes of Technology (NITs): NITs are a set of India's top engineering schools. Many NITs have a history of graduating students who are hired by Google.

DTU (Delhi Technological University): Previously known as the Delhi College of Engineering, DTU is a prominent engineering college in Delhi that has had pupils hired by Google.

Anna University: Anna University, based in Chennai, is well-known for its engineering programmes. Anna's graduate Google has hired the university.

University of Delhi: The University of Delhi is one of India's premier institutions, with a diverse range of programmes. Google has hired graduates from a variety of fields at Delhi University.

Jadavpur University: Located in Kolkata, Jadavpur University is well-known for its engineering and technology programmes. Google has also hired alumni from this programme.

Manipal institution of Technology (MIT): MIT, located in Manipal, Karnataka, is a well-known private engineering college. Google has hired MIT alumni for technical positions.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay The University of Bombay is a public research university and technological institute located in Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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