The largest cruise ship

cruise ship is 2x the length of the Washington Monumentof 18 decks and comes complete with 2759 staterooms 22 dining venues 2759 staterooms 22 dining venues 24 swimming a park with more than 20 700 plants it

Some cruise ships have Virtual Balconies

Royal Caribbean Come up with Virtual balconies that transmit real-time High definition images from outside

The average cruise ship sails

This ship cover Some 84000 miles or 73000 nautical miles  that means you could travel around world.

Royal Caribbean average speed

.ships travel at an average speed of about 20 knots that's the equivalent about 23 miles per hour

Crew members have secret code words

Crew members have a secret set of code words just like the military this Code words to quickly inform them of what's going on

Royal Caribbean assists islands

Caribbean assists islands after natural disasters royal Company. has always been supportive of the ports.

Royal Caribbean ships perform

Caribbean's cruise ships do often perform rescue missions

Royal Caribbean Headquarters

the Royal Caribbean's headquarters looks like it's logo royal greens. Corporate offices and headquarter.

Vision of the Seas

first vision class ship usually the first ship of its t class also the namesake of that class a waste of the seas is the First ship in the oasis class.

3 Royal Caribbean ships

Royd Caribbean cut three of the chips in half and then added three ships song of norway Nordic Prince, Enchantment of the seal.

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