American Idol' winner Iam Tongi and James Blunt deliver a heart-wrenching duet that leaves everyone in tears

 The emotional performance of the father-son ballad "Monsters" on the finale stage captivates the audience.

Tears flow as Tongi and Blunt pour their hearts into the song, creating a deeply moving and unforgettable moment

The judges struggle to contain their emotions, while the audience is left spellbound by the raw and powerful performance.

The song resonates with personal stories of loss and love, touching the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Tongi's journey on 'American Idol' is intertwined with the emotional power of "Monsters," which marked his audition and propelled him to success.

 Perry, Richie, and Byan were moved to tears during Tongi's initial performance, recognizing his exceptional talent and ability to connect with the audience.

Tongi's rendition of the song went viral, solidifying his status as a fan favorite throughout the season.

The finale duet between Tongi and Blunt showcases the profound impact of music and its ability to evoke deep emotions.

As the final notes of "Monsters" fade, the overwhelming response and tears shed are a testament to the extraordinary power of their performance